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Elephante is committed to extending good energy and goodwill beyond our restaurant and back into the Los Angeles community. Our team seeks out partnerships with national hunger relief outfits and local charitable organizations whose mission aligns with our vision.

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Élephante is proud to be a Carbon Neutral business. In partnership with GreenPlaces, we have committed to conducting annual carbon assessments to understand the emissions from our business. Based on those findings, we are focused on developing strategies to reduce emissions where we can through initiatives like recycling, composting, decarbonizing our meat offerings, exploring cleaner cooking options and more. Then we offset our footprint by investing in verified environmental projects around the globe that reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. To help support these projects, we charge a 0.5% fee to each check and in 2022 we will offset a total of 3,427 metric tons of carbon! Stay tuned to learn more about our partnership with GreenPlaces and the climate projects we're supporting.

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Thirst Project

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Final Total Raised: $218,055.49

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